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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats – Tips for more stars hack 2019

Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack

Do you want to be a superstar? Your superstar dream will come true when you play Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. This game will let you experience a Hollywood journey with Kim Kardashian. You final goal is the rule the red carpet. There are lots of outfits in this game. Some of them are picked by Kim Kardashian herself. Dress up like a superstar, dating with celebrities. You can live as a famous person in this game. Before you dive into the Hollywood journey, we hope you read our latest Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats and tips firstly.

Earn popularity as much as you can. To be a famous star, especially Hollywood star, you have to earn enough popularity. Dating with people will help your popularity grow. Though you can dating people as many as you can, keep in mind that don’t dating with more than two people at the same time. Otherwise, you will lost your popularity quickly. You should wait your current relationship get down before you turn into another dating.

Dress up with different styles. More styles will attack more people to focus on you. Don’t keep wearing the same style clothes. Each cloth should not be wear more than two days. When you are choosing cloth to wear, put Kim Kardashian’s choice as your first priority.

How to earn more quick stars? Before you start to earn more stars, you should make sure yourself look awesome and confident. Next, you need to interact with other celebrities and your fans. Make them happy, then you will get stars rewards. The game provides a common way to get stars for every player – watching the in-app-ads. Each ads you watch will give some stars and cash. What’s more, there are no limits about how many ads you want to watch. If possible, you can try to watch them all. For ourselves, we like to make use of Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack 2019 to generate stars. It is a most convenient tool to get resource in this game so far.

use Kim Kardashian Hollywood mod

Keep sending gifts every day. Giving people a gift will make them like you. Based on our experience, if you send a gift to to famous person every day, you will eventually get her favor. This is also a best way to earn quick popularity in this game. Though you need to spend more cash on the gifts, you will find it worth.

This guide has summarized the useful tips of Kim Kardashian Hollywood game play. We hope you get something helpful from it.