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Is it Love Daryl Cheats – 3 minutes tips for energy hack

Is it Love Daryl hack

Is it Love Daryl is another love story game from 1492 Studio. This time you will experience your romance story in New York. The story’s background sets you as a rising star of Carter Corp. There you will meet Dary and other guys. The whole game will progress with your interaction with these men. Before you start your romance adventure, you’d better read our Is it Love Daryl cheats and tips below. It will tell you how to make the right choice and get enough energy during the game play.

Making choices which will pleased your characters. As we all know that, the game is full of choices. You need to make the proper choice to make the game play smoothly. The key here is that choose the option which will make your character feeling happy. When you are facing two similar options, you can pick the first one as your decision. For example, there is a conversation between you and your character about feelings. There are two options there: [Choice A is tell him how you feel], [Choice B is wait for him to make his move]. If you want to pleased your character, then ‘Choice A’ is your answer. It will help you progress more quickly in the game play.

Energy is an important resource in this game. If you have ever played love series game before, you should know this. You will get free 500 energy points as you start this game. It will help you kick off your first chapter in this game. In the later game play, you will need more energy to proceed. Fortunately, you can watch the ads to earn some free energy. Every day you will be allowed to watch ten ads in total. To view more ads, you have to wait until next day. If you do want to get instant energy in the game, then you should ask Is it Love Daryl hack for help. It will make instant energy into your account without complicated action.

use Is it Love Daryl mod

Don’t forget to get into the secret story. The big difference between this game and other series is that, you can play a hidden story implemented in this game. To unlock this secret story, you have to clear all the chapters of the original story. Then you need to head over to game store to buy the secret story. Though it cost you little money, you will find it worth when you dive into the secret story.

This would be the whole guide of Is it Love Daryl game. Thanks for your time. Have a good playing, guys!