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Godzilla Defense Force Cheats – Tips for more gems Hack

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If you love Godzilla things, you should not miss NEXON’s new game – Godzilla Defense Force. You will experience total 29 movie scenes in this game. Many familiar monsters will recall your memory. Amount them, Godzilla is the most famous one. It is also the boss of this game. You may find that the game play is very easy. Because it uses card system to control everything. You can also treat it as a card game – in which you can defeat the monsters and make them become your cards, so that you can use it in a battle. If you want to collect more monster cards quickly, you should stick to our Godzilla Defense Force cheats and tips.

Build the defense tower in the city. As the game’s title said, the game is all about defense. You need to build your defense towers in the key point of your city to keep it from monster’s attack. There are several points that allow you to build towers scattered across the map. You can choose any point to use. But be careful, don’t miss any point when you building towers. In some case, the monster will slip into your base if you don’t pay attention to the locations. Though you don’t have much resource in the beginning, we strongly suggest you use up all the resource to build more defense towers.

Try to make Godzilla become your card. There are lots of monsters want to destroy your city. If you want a powerful partner to fight with you, then Godzilla is the best choice. However, before you got Godzilla card, you have to defeat it firstly. The first location you meet Godzilla is New York. There, you can challenge it with your army. If you don’t have enough powerful weapons and stronger level, it may a little big hard for you to defeat Godzilla. So we urge you to upgrade your weapons and usable monsters with gems as soon as you can. Based on our research, not every player know how to get gems fast. Tell you the truth – most of the top players are using Godzilla Defense Force hack to generate gems for them. You can also have a try on it.

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Recruit more monsters to help you. If you want to clear each stage quickly, you’d better recruit more monsters to help your fight. That means you should make more monsters into your card system. Once you need them, you can summon them. You can place your own monsters anywhere on the map and they will protect the areas you assign them. They will fight for you until they die.

This is the whole guide for Godzilla Defense Force game. We hope you learn useful tactics from it to defense your city from monsters.