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Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Cheats – Tips for more Gold hack

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements hack

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements is business management type game. The story is based on the famous TV show – Breaking Bad. You and your partner will start your own business from a broken-down RV. You can recruit expert to help your business grow up. Once your business start to grow, you need to expand your territory to make it more stronger. No matter what you do for your business, just remember to make maximum profits from it. To help you earn lots of money quickly in this game, we share the latest Breaking Bad Criminal Elements cheats and tips below.

Complete contracts with patience. At the beginning of the game, you will receive a few contracts. Once you sign them up, you should finish it within the deadline. However, you’d better not rush to complete the contracts. You should read every details of the contract firstly. Once you miss something, you have to restart the project from the beginning – this should be awful things in the game. Patience is the key to complete the contracts perfectly. Especially when you are dealing with lots of tasks at the same time. Keep in mind that when you reach level five, you can handle more than four contracts together. At that time, just complete them one by one.

Upgrade your team to earn money fast. If you want to grow you business empire within a few weeks, you’d better make sure you have a team which has excellent money earning skill. To do this, you need to upgrade your team to the maximum level by using lots of gold. To be honest, you can’t earn too much gold with normal game play skills. You need a game helper like Breaking Bad Criminal Elements hack to help you harvest gold as much as you want in a high-speed way. After you upgrade your earning team, you will receive a congratulations message. That also means that you can dive into another money making method with your team.

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Although we don’t recommend you to speed up your business building process, if you really want to, you can use gold to speed up this process. Which means that you will have no waiting time when creating and building new products to sell. Usually, 50 gold will decrease one minutes waiting time. So you can judge how much gold you will need to skip all the waiting period.

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